Razors, they’re one of the items you wouldn’t think could possibly be un-vegan, but as we wrote in 5 surprising everyday items that may not be vegan, they aren’t always. Way before I was even vegan, I subscribed to FFS for the convenience. They provide a subscription of vegan-friendly razors delivered to your door.

Since I have been with them so long now, it makes sense to honour them with a little review.

Are all FFS shaving products vegan?

These are vegan-friendly razors, unlike some others, which use glycerine in the moisture strip. The FFS razor uses NO animal-based raw materials, no ingredients of animal origin, the Manufacturing process does not include materials of animal origin, No animal tests. They are leaping bunny approved also.

The wax strips are also vegan-friendly. Unfortunately, the shaving creams are not vegan-friendly. This is because they have Manuka Honey in them. FFS have told us

“Whilst, our Soothe, Remove and Smooth creams are not vegan due to containing Honey, Our Shave Gel is our alternative for our Vegan users”. This means vegans should opt for the shaving gel instead of the creams.

FFS also sell tanning sets. These are also suitable for vegans, which is excellent news.

OK, so now that we have cleared that up, let’s move on to the review of the products.

FFS vegan-friendly razor in packaging


I forever forgot to buy new blades for my old razors; when I saw FFS advertised on Facebook a couple of years back, I knew this was the ideal solution.

My blades, handles and wax strips are sent out to me every eight weeks; you can opt for four weeks if you prefer or add more on to your order for other household members. The box fits through the letterbox, so you don’t need to be home to receive it, and the packaging is recyclable.

There have been times when I haven’t been shaving so often, i.e. when I broke my leg. By simple popping onto the website, I could skip a delivery, saving me money.


I was so impressed when my blade arrived. I opted for the premium looking rose gold finish with my name engraved on the handle. I also received a travel bag for my razor and a suction holder for use in the shower.

Everything is beautifully packaged and has a premium feel to it. The blade handle has a lovely weight to it, and the blades click in easily. They also come in a choice of colours to suit everyone.

Shave Closeness

These blades are fantastic. You get a really close shave with them, and the handle fits nicely in my hand with a flexible head to get into armpits and behind the knee. I have never cut myself with these blades either, which is good going because I was forever nicking the skin with my old Wilkinson Sword.

What about the planet?

FFS and their vegan-friendly razors have thought of that too. The packaging for the razor is entirely cardboard. The blades are held in a plastic container, but these can be returned and reused. They even have their own in-house blade recycling centre.

FFS also sell a range of natural products such as deodorants that can be added to your subscription or purchased separately. 

It’s great to see a company caring for the environment and nature. I have been a long term customer and have even gifted a set to my daughter for Christmas because I know she will love it.

The verdict 

I have never been happier and smoother, than I am now since discovering FFS. Their vegan-friendly razors, wax strips, deodorants and tanning solutions are an excellent buy for all cruelty-free, environmentally conscious people as well as vegans.

Don’t just take my word for it. FFS have received numerous awards, such as Beauty Awards Gold winner 2019, Global makeup Awards winner 2021, Global green beauty awards 2021 winner and more.

Fancy joining the club? You can subscribe here – You can even get free engraving. Click the offer below to find out more. 


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