With veganism becoming more popular, vegan beauty products have become a hot topic. But what exactly constitutes a vegan beauty product? Are they the same as vegan-friendly? How do you know if your favourite product is vegan or not? In this blog post, we will discuss what vegan beauty products are and how to tell which ones are right for you.


What’s the difference between vegan and vegan-friendly?

The Vegan Society Trademark

According to The Vegan Society, anything carrying their Vegan Trademark is certified vegan. Products that have not been registered with this trademark are vegan-friendly, according to their manufacturer.

This is because anything displaying the Vegan Trademark has gone through rigorous checking to ensure it meets the standards and it is indeed Vegan.

Veganism is a plant-based diet that completely excludes animal by-products such as eggs and dairy from one’s daily life. While vegan-friendly beauty products excluding these substances may seem like the best option for those following this lifestyle, keep in mind that some of the ingredients in the vegan-friendly beauty products may have been tested on animals or contain animal by-products.

Some vegan-friendly beauty products are not vegan. The vegan approved mark is the Vegan Society trademark for vegan certification. There are a few other certifications available also. Just because a company has not applied for the Vegan Trademark does not mean it is one to be avoided; there is a cost associated with applying for such trademarks.

It’s possible to buy vegan makeup that isn’t approved by the Vegan Society because some companies have chosen to use synthetic or other non-animal-based substances for their vegan-friendly makeup. Anything displaying the Vegan Trademark, though, is obviously a safer bet.

What constitutes vegan-friendly beauty products can be more difficult to tell, so it’s best to do your own research before you buy. One way to find out if your favourite product is vegan friendly is to look at the ingredients list – vegan beauty products should not contain any animal-based ingredients.

Many of these will be clearly labelled as vegan on the packaging. For vegan hair care products, you’ll need to look for vegan-friendly marks such as the Vegan Society trademark or vegan certified by PETA. Look for cruelty-free marks to ensure that the product is free from animal cruelty and testing also.

Vegan trademarks

What are the key factors that make a beauty product vegan?


As we mentioned above, it’s important to be aware that products labelled vegan may not necessarily be cruelty-free. Many vegan beauty brands still use animal by-products such as beeswax or shellac. A vegan product should contain NO ingredients derived from animals or their secretions, but this does not automatically mean it is also cruelty-free. There are several vegan-friendly marks for vegan makeup, including the vegan society trademark or vegan certified by PETA.

Many shops are making it easier to find Vegan beauty products. Superdrug now has its very own Vegan range. Marks and Spencer’s also have a dedicated section to make finding products more straightforward, as do Boots.

We are pleased to see that large companies are taking notice and catering to the growing demand. There is no need in this modern world to be testing on animals and using animal by-products for cosmetics. Science and synthetic products have eliminated the need for this. The more people taking a stand and opting for Vegan beauty products, the more manufacturers will listen.

If a product lacks the Vegan Trademark, you should always do your research to be sure. If you cannot tell from the packaging, reach out to the manufacturer on social media or via their website to ask.

Vegan makeup, vegan hair care and vegan beauty brands are becoming more commonplace, which is excellent news for all those who choose a cruelty-free lifestyle or are looking to avoid animal by-products. For vegans themselves, it’s ALWAYS important to check the label of any product to be 100% certain.

Are vegan beauty products more expensive?

As with anything that is more limited and marketed at a more niche audience, prices can be inflated. This isn’t always the case though. You can pick up budget make-up ranges such as Barry M who are proud to say they are cruelty-free and use no animal by-products in their make-up or nail polish! 


Just check out how affordable the products above are. Barry M works with the Vegan Society and is proud to be cruelty-free since 1982.

Next time you’re looking for a new mascara, why not give the open above a go? I particularly LOVE the Art Deco styling on the packaging which makes it look very high-end considering the price tag.

If you’re looking for some pocket-friendly vegan skincare under £10 how about these?

We have covered some makeup and skincare but how about hair care? From shampoos and conditioners to hair dyes and hair products. There are some affordable brands on the market to help you stay true to your views on the use of animal products. 

Let’s take a look at a selection below. The Bleach London shampoos and conditioner’s for blonde hair are incredible. I personally have a selection of the colours. They allow me to change up my look and leave my over=processed hair so soft and silky! 

With all of the products listed above, we advise you to do your own checks to ensure they meet the standards you expect from vegan products. We cannot be held accountable for any inconsistencies. At the time of writing this, all products claimed to be both vegan-friendly, free of animal by-products, and cruelty free.


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