We’ve all heard the old joke – ‘how can you tell someone’s vegan? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you’. There’s definitely some truth in this; vegans often like to talk about their diet, values and lifestyle. But contrary to popular belief amongst anti-vegans, it’s not because we think we’re better than everyone else or that being vegan somehow makes us more interesting. So, why do vegans always have to tell everyone they’re vegan? Here we will discuss the real reasons why vegans like to talk about veganism.

Vegans know things you don’t, but really should be made aware of

While people are generally aware that animals are killed for food, many shy away from the gruesome realities of where their food actually comes from and how it is produced. Vegans do not. We have a greater awareness of how non-vegan food is produced and what goes into it, which is why we avoid it. The same goes for many non-food products too.

It’s hard to hold onto this knowledge and watch people blindly consuming things which either:

  • Involved the pain, suffering or death of sentient beings to produce
  • Cause significant and disproportionate environmental destruction to produce
  • Contain ingredients that are simply disgusting, if only you knew!

We simply have to say something. We believe that you should have the information to make a conscious choice about what you are consuming. If you’re brave enough to find out more about what’s wrong with meat and dairy, start by checking out why dairy is scary, why vegans don’t eat backyard eggs, or why do vegans eat meat substitutes?.

Becoming vegan is an exciting journey

Another reason why many vegans can’t shut up about veganism is because it turns out to be an exciting journey once you make the switch. Some of the most vocal vegans are recent converts because it’s such an exciting journey of discovery.

Switching to a vegan diet can be daunting at first, but soon enough, you’ll find yourself trying all sorts of products you wouldn’t have looked twice at before and discovering new foods to love with each passing week. You’ll find yourself experimenting with ingredients you had never even heard of before, such as seitan, tempeh and nutritional yeast. It can be so much fun discovering new recipes or trying to veganise old favourites.

It’s easy to get stuck in your ways with all kinds of products, whether it’s food, cosmetics or household items. Once you begin to discover your old favourites are not vegan-friendly, you’re forced to seek out alternatives. This leads to a whole new world of choices, and it’s exciting, so you can’t help talking about it, often to anyone who’ll listen!

Vegans speak for those who have no voice

Being vegan is sometimes seen as trendy these days, but there is a serious moral concern at the heart of it. Vegans are deeply concerned about animal cruelty. We feel compelled to talk about veganism whenever and wherever we can because we want to do our bit to help put an end to the needless suffering and death of animals for food, cosmetics, household products, medicines, clothing and other products. We are passionate about this – it’s the main reason for going vegan. When you feel so strongly about an issue, it’s challenging to keep quiet. After all, animals are not able to speak up for themselves, so until the world is vegan, we must continue giving them a voice.

Being vegan is something to be proud of

Vegans are proud of their values and lifestyle choices. This is not because we think we’re better than everyone else but because we know we are doing the right thing for animals, our health and the environment. Switching to a vegan lifestyle is a significant change for most of us. Maintaining it is an achievement, an accomplishment which anyone should rightly be proud of.

We hope you found this informative and it answered the question – why do vegans always have to tell everyone they’re vegan. Why shouldn’t we talk about something we’re proud of? Instead of asking why we always have to tell everyone, we’re vegan, ask yourself why it irritates you so much. Could it be because we’re forcing you to confront your own moral choices, and this makes you feel uncomfortable? For more on this, check out 5 stupid reasons why people hate vegans.