Fudge was always one of my favourite treats before becoming vegan, along with toffee and caramel. Having ordered Mrs Tilly’s vegan fudge with my shopping, I was really disappointing. It was hard, like Scottish tablet, and so sweet it was inedible. Even the kids couldn’t eat it.

I spoke to a friend who has been vegan a lot longer, and she said it was common with vegan fudge to be really hard and oversweet. My little heart died a little. Then I spotted #FabFudge on Twitter. There were so many flavours to try; I had to give it a go.

It arrived this morning, and I have had time to try the three flavours I ordered. My children and I are here to give our verdict below in our vegan fudge review for #FabFudge.

Peanut Butter




Each bag of fudge cost me £3.99 for 150g, which I would say is about average for fudge. No premium here for being vegan, which is great to see! I was very happy paying £3.99 per bag.

You also have the option to buy 1kg blocks for £26.50. There is a minimum order of £4.97 to checkout.

vegan fudge packaging


Second class postage was £3.00 for all three bags. It was delivered to my door within two days of placing the order. As the site said backorder, I had expected it to take longer, so this was a really pleasant surprise.



The fudge arrived in a cardboard box with packing paper, inside where the three boxes of fudge with an ingredient’s sticker and logo sticker. They were sealed with another sticker. Inside, the fudge was packed in cellophane bags with a resealable strip. This is great as often fudge comes in a tied bag which can rip easily.


This fudge got it spot on and had a softer consistency than the supermarket fudge I purchased. Overall a very pleasant texture, with no grainy lumps of sugar or anything.


Now for the all-important taste test. All three flavours were spot on. It was hard for me to choose flavours as there was so much choice on the #FabFudge website.

Oreo – This was both of my children’s favourite. The Oreo vegan fudge has a really strong, natural chocolate dark flavour. There were little chunks of Oreo biscuits inside the fudge pieces making it super indulgent.

Espresso – I drink Espresso every morning and could see myself having a chunk of this with my morning coffee to complement it. The flavour was intense, aromatic, and dark. The fudge was swirled with golden highlights resembling the slight froth I get with my Lavazza machine coffee every morning. Obviously, Espresso is an acquired taste, so this one didn’t go down well with my daughter; my son enjoyed it, though.

Peanut Butter – Saving the best till last (in my opinion), with the peanut butter flavour. There were small chips of peanuts in this fudge, and the flavour was delightful. This one was the most dangerous as it had a milder flavour, and before I knew it, I had eaten the whole bag.

Vegan Fudge Review Summary – #FabFudge

This fudge is the perfect dairy-free alternative which is excellent value for money. I was pleasantly surprised after the supermarket vegan fudge fiasco and will certainly be ordering more flavours to try in the future. These will also make a great gift for vegans or non-vegans alike. This vegan fudge is not a compromise; it’s tasty in its own right, I don’t even think many people could tell you it was vegan on a blind taste test.

We hope this vegan fudge review helps you decide whether #FabFudge is for you, good luck choosing between all the flavours though.

*Please note this is an independent review. We have not been paid or received free items for this review. We paid for the fudge and reviewed it as part of our commitment to help our readers and followers find great vegan buys.




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