It’s not always easy to keep up to speed with all the goings-on in the vegan sphere. Here’s our quick weekly roundup of the top vegan news and stories from around the web, delivered in bitesize chunks to help you catch up on everything you might have missed.

greggs vegan sausage roll shortage

Greggs might run out of vegan sausage rolls due to supply chain issues

Bad news for fans of Greggs’ vegan sausage roll – there could be a shortage in your local store due to supply chain issues. The problems getting food and other goods onto our shelves is economy-wide, but Greggs’ boss said last month that the sausage roll would be safe. In something of a backtrack on this statement, responding to a query from Reuters news agency, he has now admitted there are ‘temporary interruptions’ to supplies of various Greggs products nationwide. This includes the well-loved vegan sausage roll.

The UK government is urging chefs to create vegan foie gras alternatives

The UK government has invited restauranteurs to meet to discuss possible vegan ‘faux grass’ alternatives to foie gras ahead of a potential ban on the sale and import of the liver-based spread in the UK.

Thankfully, production of foie gras is illegal in the UK on grounds of animal cruelty. This is because it is made from the livers of geese and ducks who have been force-fed through a process known as gavage. This involves grain being poured into a tube or funnel, which is thrust down the necks of birds. This horrendous procedure results in the birds’ livers swelling to many times the normal size in just two weeks.

However, despite the production of foie gras being banned in the UK, many restaurants still import it from other countries, such as France, to sell here. MPs have vowed to ban this trade, and Defra (the Department for Environment and Rural Affairs) is now consulting on legislation that will see the sale and import of foie gras outlawed.

According to The Guardian, the government has invited vegan chefs from Alexis Gauthier’s restaurants to discuss plant-based alternatives. Gauthier stopped serving foie gras in his restaurants following Peta activist demonstrations outside his establishment. He has since switched to an entirely plant-based menu and offers a faux gras vegan alternative made from walnuts, lentils, mushrooms and cognac.

Harry Styles launches his vegan-friendly beauty brand

Musician, actor and fashion icon Harry Styles has launched a vegan-friendly beauty brand. Pleasing is a vegan, cruelty-free and gender-neutral line of skincare products and nail polishes that are made from ethically sourced materials. Currently, the line of products includes a soothing eye gel, a pearlescent illuminating serum and a nail polish set, but it is expected that more products will follow soon.


Redefine Meat launches 3D plant-based meat in restaurants

Israeli start-up, Redefine Meat has launched a 3D printed plant-based meat. This makes whole cuts of plant-based meat alternatives available in Israeli and European restaurants for the first time. The company can print 10kg of its plant-based meat per hour. The beef alternative ‘cut’ is made from pea and soy protein, beetroot, chickpeas, coconut fat and yeast and aims to replicate the fibrous texture of beef.

As well as its beef alternative, the company also produces a range of other meat alternatives. In the UK, the products will be available in restaurants such as Brigadiers and Marco Pierre White’s steak houses.

Louis Vuitton launches sustainable vegan Trainers made from corn

Luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton has launched its Charlie sneakers which are made from corn, marking the brand’s entry into the sustainable vegan footwear market. The brand has used 90% recycled and bio-sourced materials in the design of its shoes, with the uppers being made from a corn-based plastic called biopolioli.

The soles are made from 94% recycled rubber, while the laces are crafted from 100% recycled fibres. They’re even packaged in a box made from 100% recycled cardboard, which turns into a bag with a handle. As well as being the brands first eco trainer, it is also its first unisex design. 

Louis Vuitton launches sustainable vegan Trainers made from corn

As you can expect, these trainers don’t come cheap with a pair setting you back over $1000!

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