No, veganism is not expensive. There is a common misconception that because vegans don’t eat meat and dairy products, they must also be spending more on groceries than their non-vegan counterparts. As a vegan, I often hear people claim I’m wealthy or privileged. So, is being a vegan expensive? Let’s take a look.

Does vegan food cost more?

As with any food, the price depends on what you choose to eat. In general, though, vegan food is often cheaper than meat and dairy products. Yes, there are a lot of expensive processed vegan foods, but these are not staples in the average vegan’s diet.

Vegans tend to bulk buy cheap grains such as rice and pasta, which is less pricey compared with meats like chicken or beef mince. When we consider the amount of food wasted through meat and dairy production, veganism is actually cheaper than eating animal products.

Whether you’re vegan or an omnivore, you likely buy vegetables to eat with your meals alongside other products that are vegan-friendly such as rice, pasta, lentils, condiments, cereals and more.

Let’s look at some examples below. I have chosen to compare prices at Asda because this is where I tend to shop. I have chosen a few items that are different to demonstrate.

Standard Products

Vegan Alternative

Standard Products

Vegan Alternative

beef burgers asda
Asda vegan burgers
asda mature grated cheddar
asda vegan cheese grated
asda semi skimmed milk
asda vegan soy milk
asda minced beef
meatless farm vegan mince

ASDA Semi Skimmed Milk – 89p 2 pints (78.8p per litre)

ASDA Free From Long Life Soya Drink Sweetened – 62p 1 litre (62p per litre)

Does vegan clothing cost more?

There is a common misconception that all clothes are much pricier if they’re cruelty-free or made from non-animal materials such as cotton.

Clothing derived from animals such as leather, furs and suede is far more expensive than cotton. such as Vegans can wear most clothing.

The price of fashion is more difficult to measure. This is because the fast fashion industry offers cheap low-quality clothing. Read more about the real cost of fast fashion here. 

Veganism is more than just a change in diet. It’s a lifestyle choice. Many vegans believe in doing their bit to help the planet. This means buying used where possible and avoiding fast fashion, which takes a significant toll on the environment and the people making it.

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Do vegan cleaning products cost more?

As veganism becomes more mainstream, the selection of products that are vegan and cruelty-free grow. This has ensured that household products are readily available and don’t have to cost the earth. In fact, many of them have actually been cheaper and performed even better than the cleaning products I used to buy.

In fact, there’s no reason for anyone to use cleaning products tested on animals anymore with great, affordable alternatives such as the below.

Standard Products

Vegan Alternative

Standard Products

Vegan Alternative

dettol mould and mildew
vegan mould and mildew cleaner
cif cleaner
Pink stuff vegan cleaner
ariel pods
smol vegan laundry pods
flash kitchen cleaner
atonish vegan kitchen cleaner
cif bathroom cleaner
pink stuff vegan bathroom cleaner
fairy dishwasher tablets
smol vegan dishwasher tablets

Cif Power & Shine Bathroom Cleaner Spray 700ml £2.20 (£3.14 per litre)

Smol Dishwasher Tablets 30 pack £4.60 (15.3p each)

Do vegan cosmetics cost more?

Once again, the answer is no. From shower gels and bubble baths to makeup and more, there are affordable vegan-friendly alternatives. As with many things, the more demand there is, the more companies will look to move towards offering vegan and cruelty-free products.

Below are some readily alternatives available. We also covered beauty products before; you can read that here.

Standard Products

Vegan Alternative

Standard Products

Vegan Alternative

radox shower gel
astonish vegan shower gel
radox bubble bath
astonish vegan bubble bath

Radox Mineral Therapy Feel Active Shower Gel  250ml £1.00 (40p per 100ml)

Radox Mineral Therapy Feel Detoxed Bath Soak – 500ml £1.00 (20p per 100ml)

Astonish Body & Soul Refreshing Golden Glow Bath Soak – £1 litre £1.60 (16p per 100ml)

carex handsoap
astonish vegan handsoap
maybelline falsies mascara
barry m vegan mascara

So, does being a vegan cost more? As you can see from above, it doesn’t. In fact, many of the vegan staple foods are consumed in bulk in third world countries, such as rice, legumes and vegetables. You would never call these people privileged.

There are also added bonuses to buying vegan-friendly products, such as putting an end to animal testing and the environment. Many vegan solutions use more planet-friendly packaging. Take the Smol laundry pods listed above. They arrive at my door once a month in slimline cardboard packaging, which is recyclable. The hair products I bought from Revolution haircare had 30% recycled packaging.

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or an omnivore, switching to vegan household products, cosmetics and clothing can have a significant positive impact on the planet. There’s not really any excuse to keep supporting companies that test on animals and use animal by-products in their products.



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