Autumn is my favourite time of year. The air has a distinct smell; the crisp chill and the shorter days bring a cosiness that’s unique to autumn. It also brings Halloween, and I love any excuse to dress up. My kids also love dressing up; it’s one of their favourite times of the year. This year, with me being vegan, I have decided to find some products to create vegan-friendly Halloween looks. 

Interestingly many face paints contain lanolin which is derived from sheep’s wool. It’s created in the sebaceous glands. This means that many face paints are not vegan-friendly. It’s not all doom and gloom though, I have put together a list of vegan-friendly alternatives to choose from this year to create the perfect vegan-friendly Halloween looks. 

Vegan Special FX Makeup

vegan halloween makeup liquid latex

Vegan-Friendly Liquid Latex

If you’re looking for something to help create gory, special effects, then Makeup Revolutions SFX liquid is for you. Coming in at only £3, it’s not pricy and will help you create an array of 3D makeup effects such as scars, holes and more.

This is ideal for creating terrifying, movie-worthy creations from Zombies to missing eyes, gory scars, bubbling skin and more.

Liquid latex has become more popular in recent years, allowing everyone to create realistic looking, gory costumes for the spooky season.

Check out some ideas below. You can click the images to view the pins.

halloween special fx ideas
vegan halloween special fx makeup
halloween scars

Vegan-Friendly Fake Blood

 Fake blood is a staple of Halloween costumes and effects. This one by Moon terror is just £1.58 for 10ml and is certified as vegan.

Vegan-Friendly Glue

Moon Terror’s Pro-FX Spirit Gum is a glue to stick gems, glitter, jewels, wigs, makeup and tattoos to complete your vegan-friendly Halloween looks.

Vegan-Friendly Halloween Palettes

If you fancy being a witch this Halloween, or perhaps Poison Ivy, then this green palette by DE’LANCI is ideal. There’s a selection of green shades and some complementing nude tones to nail the perfect look. They also do a range of other colour themed palettes. All of which are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free to put your mind at rest.

posion ivy halloween look
halloween green looks
halloween witch

Looking for some purple looks? This purple palette by Afflano is perfect. It’s vegan and cruelty-free making it ideal to create an array of vegan-friendly Halloween looks. This pigmented palette contains a selection of shimmer, holographic and matt shades along with some completing highlighting shades to create the perfect look. 

purple halloween look
beetlejuice halloween
purple clown halloween

If you’re looking to create a blue look, then this makeup Revolution palette is great. It contains 18 icy eyeshadow shades in a mixture of matte and shimmer finishes. From crisp blues to frosty nudes and icy silvers, this palette is an ice queens dream. Of course, it’s all vegan and cruelty-free. 

Sally halloween Look
Blue sugar skull vegan makeup
ice queen halloween

Vegan-Friendly Kids Halloween Makeup

If you like choice, this 54-piece face paint set allows you to create any look that comes to mind. Perfect for kids and adults alike.

The huge choice of colours in the set is ideal for crafting different looks for each member of the family and will last for years.

This 6-piece primary colour water-based face paint set by Moon Creations is ideal for creating a range of vegan-friendly Halloween looks. All of their products are listed as cruelty-free and 100% vegan. 

halloween kids facepaint
kids witch halloween face paint
halloween pumpkin face paint

Finish Off Your Vegan-Friendly Halloween Looks

Pheoera’s AquaPurity Matte to Glitter Flip Lip Gloss Liquid is perfect for finishing a look. It comes in purple., black, blue and regular everyday shades like pinks and reds. For just £4.00, it’s a great addition to your makeup kit.

Looking for some lashes to finish the look? You don’t have to use mink lashes. to get a perfect fluffy look. Check out Pinky Goat their lashes are beautiful and vegan-friendly. They do different lengths and styles too. 

We hope this helps you to create the perfect vegan-friendly Halloween looks this spooky season. Do you have go-to makeup products for Halloween? Why not share them in the comments, so others can check them out too. 



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