So, you’re thinking about making the switch to go vegan but not quite ready to take the leap? These videos may just give you the push you need – watch them if you dare! And if you’re tempted to turn away, remember the words of the first man on our list, Gary Yourofsky, and ask yourself – ‘If it’s not good enough for my eyes, why is it good enough for my stomach’?

1. Best Speech You Will Ever Hear – Gary Yourofsky

Gary Yourofsky is an American animal rights activist and lecturer on veganism. This inspirational speech was delivered back in 2010 at Georgia Tech and might actually be the best speech you will ever hear on veganism. Often cited by vegans as the speech that made them go vegan, this lecture dispels common myths and perceptions that allow people to continue in their unethical lifestyle choices. At just over an hour-long, you will need to set aside some time in your schedule to watch this one, but it will be well worth it. For your time investment, you will be rewarded with intelligent, passionate, and eye-opening content.

2. Official “Glass Walls” Video by Paul McCartney | PETA

PETA’s Glass Walls video is narrated by musician and activist Sir Paul McCartney. This is an uncomfortable but essential watch, providing a brief glimpse behind the walls of slaughterhouses. Watch to discover the painful truth behind the meat on your plate. Expect to witness horrific abuse and squirm in your seat. If you have any empathy, you will never go back to eating meat again after this one.

3. Buying British? What Those Meat Labels Really Mean

This video from PETA is for those who are deceived and falsely comforted by common labels and phrases such as ‘high welfare’, ‘organic’, ‘free range’ and ‘humane’. At under 2 minutes long, it quickly exposes the lies behind labels and phrases used in meat and dairy marketing.

4. How my vision changed on a vegan diet

This list would not be complete without a video from Earthling Ed, one of our favourite vegan activists. How my vision changed on a vegan diet is a short but powerful explanation of how your perception of meat and dairy can change significantly once you become vegan. Beautifully and poetically crafted, this video will help raise your awareness of the plight of animals within the meat and dairy industries.

5. How Animal Agriculture is Destroying Our Planet

This video from Impossible Foods provides a brief insight into the major impact the animal agriculture industry has on the planet. We like this video because, rather than solely being doom and gloom, it is optimistic that we can develop alternatives to meat which are just as tasty but much less harmful to the environment.

We would love to know which of the videos on our list you found to be the most impactful – let us know in the comments. If you have a suggestion for another video that made you go vegan, drop it in the comments.