Being vegan means being aware of the terrible effects that animal cruelty and exploitation are having on the animals themselves as well as the environment, and even human health. Sometimes this can be difficult to bear. But on the other hand, it does feel good to know that you’re a part of a growing community that’s trying to put end to this. Today, we’re focusing on the positives by highlighting 5 of the best reasons we love being vegan.


1. Knowing our choices make a difference

People commonly assume their actions and choices as an individual won’t make a difference, especially when seeking to justify apathy, inaction or the avoidance of making beneficial lifestyle changes. But when it comes to being vegan, every individual’s choice not to eat meat and dairy really does save lives. At the very least, it reduces the number of animals who have to suffer needlessly.

And, the more people promoting the vegan cause, the more it raises awareness in others and showcases the lifestyle as a viable option for them too. People are influenced by the choices of others, whether online or in their personal lives.

Promoting the vegan cause doesn’t necessarily mean direct activism or preaching. Instead, it can be as subtle as posting pictures of delicious vegan meals online or answering questions from friends and family about your veganism. The more people see and hear about other people making vegan choices, the more it ‘normalises’ the movement.


2. Being part of a community built on kindness

It’s lovely to be part of a growing community that’s built on kindness. At the core of every vegan’s lifestyle choice is deep concern for animals and the environment, coupled with the willingness to take positive action. The online vegan community is such a positive environment, packed full of people with a desire to make a meaningful difference and support others to do the same. We especially love the vegan community on Instagram, which is full of positivity and overflowing with friendly vegans sharing opinions, news, food finds, recipes and more. Why not join us over there, if you haven’t already – Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | TikTok


3. Naturally getting more vitamins and minerals

I have found that I naturally eat a healthier diet since going vegan. The vegan diet requires meat and dairy to be replaced with plant-based alternatives which tend to have more vitamins and minerals. It has inspired me to try new foods and experiment with different vegetables, out of necessity to replace the foods I have permanently excluded from my diet. I love finding new recipes and discovering new ingredients and products to try.

Making what seemed at the time to be an extreme dietary shift was daunting (although I have discovered it is SO much easier than people think). I was concerned I would become deficient in some important nutrient or another (thanks to popular misconception and hearsay!). As such, I took the time to do some research and, in the process, learned more about nutrition and how to eat a healthy balanced vegan diet. I also learned about different supplements I can take to support my health and wellbeing, such as vitamin B12, vitamin D, calcium, Zinc and Iron.


4. It’s a journey of learning, discovery and self-improvement

While a few are vegan since birth, most people come to the lifestyle following a process of learning and becoming aware of the truth regarding the mainstream diet and the negative impact it has on our health, the animals and the planet. This is where the learning begins but it doesn’t end there. Once you have been exposed to the type of information that makes one go vegan, you cannot help but continue this learning journey.

I began my vegan journey by making dietary changes, but soon after I began to realise how insidious the practice of animal cruelty and exploitation really is. It pervades all areas of our everyday lives. I began to learn that I must also make changes in many other areas, making new choices around all sorts of consumer products from cleaning and cosmetics to everyday items such as clothing, carrier bags, candles and even tampons. I’m still learning and making


5. Supporting ethical businesses

Finally in the list of reasons we love being vegan is supporting other ethical businesses. As you learn more on your vegan journey, you will naturally start to turn away from products, companies and services that are unethical in their practices. In search for alternatives, you’ll discover there is an ever-increasing number of businesses with ethical values and sustainable practices. Supporting ethical businesses is a great way to encourage social change; the more of us who chose to support ethical businesses, the greater pressure that is put on other companies to alter their practices.

Already vegan? Let us know in the comments what you love most about living the vegan life. If you’re thinking about making the transition to a vegan lifestyle, check out some of our other posts where you will find plenty of inspiration and support to assist you on your journey.