It’s hard to remember the days before smartphones, let alone mobile phones. These days there’s an app for pretty much everything. In this post, we will run through five of our favourite apps to make vegan life easier.

1.    iVegan

iVegan has a barcode scanner that allows you to scan products to see if they’re vegan-friendly. Currently, the database doesn’t contain everything; I have often had a product not found response. It has the facility to report products that aren’t recognised as vegan or not vegan, which will help the app developers grow the database.

There is also a recipe section full of vegan food inspiration for days when you’re feeling uninspired.

Be careful with some cosmetics and cleaning products. However, as it seems to go on, ingredients and some such as lactic acid can be plant or animal-based, it doesn’t seem to differentiate between the two, so some products produce a false non-vegan response.

1.    Cruelty-Cutter 

This app is brilliant for finding out which products are cruelty-free and which are not. Like iVegan, Cruelty-Cutter uses a barcode scanner. It has a much more extensive database and has the option to boycott the product, find cruelty-free alternatives or bite back, which allows you to share the fact it’s not cruelty-free.

This app also saves your results for easy review at a later date and allows you to save favourites. It’s perfect when you are in the shops looking at products. I was surprised how many items in my home were not cruelty-free.

1.    My Fitness Pal 

My Fitness pal offers a free and paid-for version of its app. I have been using this app on and off for years and have tried both. The paid-for version gives you greater control over your macros with more in-depth results.

This app allows you to track food, water intake, sleep and exercise. It has a scanner to scan foods and help you work out your intake of calories and nutrients in a day. Having the paid version with the full macro breakdown allows you to see that you are getting enough essential vitamins.   

You can look at the daily results or weekly results and see handy graphs. There are also recipes and workout plans you can follow.

1.    Olio 

For those aiming to be more sustainable, Olio is a fantastic app. People give away food that has a short shelf life. Shops and supermarkets also [participate with users collecting food such as bakery items and yellow sticker items, and they are all given away free on the app.

There is also a section for non-food items where people give away things they no longer need in life. This recycling helps people save money and also stops things from ending up in landfills unnecessarily.

Olio is community-based with a forum and map to show how close people are to you. There is also the facility for local crafters and food makers to sell their wares. No-shows are not tolerated, and so far, I have had a really positive experience using the app.

1.    Vegan Friendly

Vegan-Friendly is great for eating out. It shows places nearby that offer vegan meals and allows other users to rate them. Finding good vegan food can be hit and miss. Some businesses provide a fantastic vegan menu, while others vegan food is questionable.

This app takes away the trial-and-error aspect and lets others review the places, and also gives access to the menu in some instances, which helps you decide if this is the place for you to eat or not.

These are just a few apps to make vegan life easier.  Do you have go-to vegan apps on your phone that make life easier? Drop them in the comments so we can check them out.