Vegans get a lot of stick from people who are ignorant or feel threatened by our morals and lifestyle choices. But we don’t care – we know we are awesome and that our choices are making a real difference in the world. We are convinced the future is vegan – some people are just taking their time to catch up with those of us who are already there. While we wait, let’s consider these ten reasons why vegans are awesome…

1. We value all beings

Vegans do not conform to the dominant, human-centric worldview. We recognise that non-human animals have inherent value and rights of their own. Our lifestyle choices promote respect and kindness to all beings.

2. We value and care for the planet

Environmentalism is a key component of veganism. Concern for the environment is, for many vegans, one of primary motives for adopting the vegan lifestyle. We care about our environment and make lifestyle choices that promote a more sustainable and eco-friendly way of living.

3. We value our health

Vegans have respect for their own bodies as much as they do for those of non-human animals. We recognise the health-damaging effects of meat and dairy and instead choose to consume life-giving plants.

4. We have an awareness of the interconnected nature of things

Vegans can be said to possess a higher level of consciousness because we are aware of the interconnected nature of things and make lifestyle choices accordingly. We are aware that our personal choices have consequences for all. We are aware that we live in an eco-system and that harm caused to other beings within this, by humans, inevitably results in harm to our species too. Some good examples of this include the impact of human-induced climate change and the spread of zoonotic diseases as a result of animal confinement and exploitation practices.

5. We believe in the possibility of positive change

The vegan movement is inherently positive in its outlook. We believe that positive change is possible and our embodying the changes we would like to see in the world. In the face of so much doom and gloom around environmental degradation, we are taking positive and proactive steps towards a better world.

6. We support ethical companies

Another of the reasons why vegans are awesome is that they put their money where their mouth is by supporting companies with ethical values and policies. In a capitalist economy, money talks and this form of activism encourages more companies to improve and reassess their unethical practices.

7. We act on behalf of the collective

Vegans are naturally unselfish. Because we recognise the interconnected nature of things and value all beings, we make choices that benefit everyone. Rather than unconsciously acting on instinct or personal desire, we make conscious choices for the good of all.

8. We are future-focused visionaries  

Vegans are helping pull society out of the past and into the future by leading the way towards a better world for all. We can see that the future is vegan; the evidence for the necessity of this is incontrovertible, and the evidence for the realisation of this is everywhere – veganism is a rapidly growing movement, companies are scrambling to make innovative plant-based products, and supermarkets are clearing shelf space to make way for more and more vegan products.

9. We live by our values

Vegans have clearly defined personal values and live by them. We live in alignment with what we believe is right and demonstrate this in our actions and choices every single day. We do this in the face of ridicule, judgement and relentless questioning from those who do not understand or agree with our lifestyle choices. We don’t care what other people think – they will eventually come to realise that we were right all along.

10. We are positive role models for younger generations

The final in our list of reasons why vegans are awesome – As the number of vegans grows worldwide, there is an increase in positive role models for younger generations. More young people than ever before are living a vegan lifestyle or keen to make the switch. Every vegan is a positive role model, demonstrating an ethical alternative to the mainstream diet and lifestyle. By choosing to live a vegan lifestyle yourself, you will naturally encourage others to do the same.